GOOGLE is the best way to browse, search and navigating through internet. Almost everyone uses google for everything. So Google has got all the personal information about you your life, even your personality. Because Your browsing tells a lot about you.
BUT you can know how this things happen and how you can control it. Here are some things that google knows about us. Lets know….

What does Google Know about My Personal Life?
What does Google Know about My Personal Life?

Google knows a lot about you! Many of your personal information that nobody knows but Google knows.

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Let’s know What Google knows about us!

  1. Advertisements-
    Google displays advertisements on various websites. When an ad is published to you, it is done depending on your use of Google’s services. Suppose you search Google by writing ‘Grameenphone’. In that case, when you visit any other website, you will see Grameenphone advertising. In this case Google collects your search history and creates a profile that promotes the ads that are relevant to you.
    There is no reason to worry. Because you can turn it off if you like.
    To stop, visit
  2. If you have used Android and your Gmail account is signed in, then you will have Google’s search history for all of your locations. Google will also know where you’ve gone What!? are you surprised?
    Enter the link below, can not believe it.
  3. Google also knows how your personality works. Google knows what your contacts do not know about you Google saves all the information or history of Google that you search for. Whenever you search more often you know Google You can see the history of this search on the following link:
  4. Watching videos on YouTube? What are the videos watching, when watching, how many minutes did you know, Google knows all about
    From the link below, you can learn everything.
  5. Many times we allow different apps to use Google account. These apps take our personal information. You can see what apps are using your information by visiting the following link.

If you want to download all of your data, you can easily download all of your files in Google at once.
Click the link to select what you want to download.

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