Sirix Remote Video Monitoring Services, a well-established player with over 15 years of experience in the security industry, is dedicated to safeguarding businesses. Their commitment to leveraging advanced technology and adopting a proactive security approach sets them apart as a significant contender in the field.

SirixMonitoring’s extensive experience speaks to their expertise and reliability in providing security solutions.


SirixMonitoring specializes in delivering round-the-clock protection through the strategic use of high-resolution cameras and cutting-edge AI capabilities. Their meticulous camera placement and real-time video assessments are designed to bolster safety and security across various industries, making them a trusted and dependable security solution provider. The use of high-resolution cameras ensures clear video coverage for effective monitoring.

Key Features:

Proactive Security:

The standout feature of SirixMonitoring is its proactive approach to security, aimed at preventing breaches and criminal activities before they occur. This approach is crucial in minimizing risks and losses.

Remote Video Monitoring:

The strategic placement of cameras ensures clear and comprehensive video coverage, enabling immediate responses to any suspicious activities. Quick intervention is vital in deterring potential threats.

Voice Talk-Down Intervention:

The use of vocal interventions to deter intruders is an effective means of preventing crimes from happening. It adds an extra layer of security by directly addressing potential threats.

Real-Time Assessment:

Continuous assessment of live video feeds helps identify security threats promptly. Access to recorded footage for more in-depth analysis and investigation ensures a comprehensive approach to protect your credentials.

Alert Generation and Dispatching:

Automated alert generation in response to potential threats ensures swift dispatching of assistance when needed. This feature is critical in emergency situations.

AI Capabilities:

SirixMonitoring integrates advanced AI technologies for intrusion detection, smoke and fire detection, and other security enhancements. These AI capabilities enhance the overall security posture and responsiveness.


SirixMonitoring follows a logical workflow that begins with intrusion detection, proceeds to operator intervention, and culminates in real-time assessments. This sequence ensures that potential threats are addressed efficiently and effectively, reducing the chances of security breaches.

Customization and User Interface:

Tailored Surveillance:

SirixMonitoring offers flexibility in surveillance schedules, allowing businesses to customize their security monitoring to meet specific needs. This tailored approach ensures that security measures align with the unique requirements of each client.

Convenient Monitoring:

Clients benefit from an online portal and mobile application, enabling real-time reporting and monitoring. This convenience empowers businesses to stay informed and responsive to security events.

Cost Consideration:

SirixMonitoring understands that setting up remote video monitoring infrastructure is a significant investment. Therefore, they provide consultancy services to assist clients in budget planning and determining the exact requirements for their security needs. This guidance helps clients make informed decisions regarding their security investments.

Industries Served:

SirixMonitoring provides security solutions to a diverse range of industries, including construction site security, retail security , gas stations security , elevators monitoring, parking lots security, automotive dealerships, and marijuana facilities. They offer tailored security solutions designed to address the specific challenges faced by each industry, highlighting their adaptability and commitment to meeting unique security needs.


SirixMonitoring stands out as a comprehensive and technology-driven security solution provider, capable of addressing the distinct challenges of various industries. Their proactive security approach, combined with advanced technology and a commitment to customization, positions them as a reliable choice for businesses seeking robust security solutions. However, it’s important for potential clients to consider the reliance on technology and associated costs when opting for their services, as these factors may vary based on individual needs and circumstances.

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