How to Write Copyright-Free Content Using AI

Generally, “Copyright” means the right to copy any material someone produces. In specific terms, “Copyright” means the sole right of a person to copy or reproduce any content or a considerable amount of it. For example, a scientific article, poetry, a lecture to be delivered, or a computer application are all valued creations.

To write copyright-free articles, AI is a handy platform. It’s a practical, tangible tool that can help you write original, copyright-free blog material faster and with less effort. Technology advancements have enabled you to create highly personalized blog entries using AI-powered tools quickly.

So, if you want to try AI writers, you can start with the ones listed below. And if you find any of them useful for your work, you can upgrade to their paid plan later.

1. Copy.AI

It is a writing tool discovered by Mr Paul Yacoubian in 2020. It works on the Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) model, the latest language prediction model. It offers 2000 words per month, 8 feature tones, and 90+ use cases.

This platform offers unique AI-powered tools, including the Freestyle content tool, Custom Tones, and Blog Wizard. These tools could help you write cold emails, blogs, articles, social media content, web content, ads, and more.


This website offers 2000 words per month, a sufficient quota for a beginner. After testing it, you can buy its paid plan. The tools, including blogging and social media, are valuable. They create precise and elaborate content. It also offers 8 tones and 90+ pre-made templates for use cases. All their methods provide precise and refined results, which require little or no modification.


There are also several limitations, i.e., the copy.AI can only write in English. So, if you need to write in any other language, you could use Google Translate, for instance. It also lacks a history tab, a fundamental constraint that forces you to restart every time. Its user interface also has some glitches. It is slow and sometimes halting.

2. Writesonic

This tool was founded by Samanyou Garg in 2021. It was first designed to create landing pages. Over time, it has evolved into a fully AI-powered content writer that can produce a variety of content formats, such as blogs, emails, add-ons, and articles. Writesonic combines human creativity with artificial intelligence to automate the content creation process.


This AI-powered tool is built on the Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) model. It enhances the content according to the trends related to your brands. Also, it writes SEO-optimized content. It provides 90+ use cases, including product descriptions, case studies, blog posts, etc. It offers around 25 languages. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use interface that facilitates navigating.


Here, a few restrictions exist, such as slow tools and failing to assess certain types of content. The outputs are inconsistent. There may be wrong information at certain times.


You can rewrite the content to utilize someone else’s shared, copyright-protected work. Therefore, recreating the article by hand will be exceedingly difficult because you must deal with synonyms for words and active and passive voice phrases. There are websites with AI to assist you with this, one of which is a summarizing tool.


This website rewrites the material using powerful AI-powered algorithms without altering the meanings, grammatical patterns, or length, making it unique and superior. It may instantly improve the quality of the text and remove plagiarism and copyrights from blogs, essays, and research papers. Its free edition allows you to rephrase 500 words instantly.

This website also provides facilities for paraphrasing and checking for plagiarism, which are helpful when working with text material. Once the article has been rewritten, you may check for plagiarism here.


Regarding the drawbacks, it can only provide 500 words at a time. If your content is lengthy, you have to proceed through multiple times.

4. Jasper

Jasper is a powerful tool that uses natural language processing (NLP) methods to assess data from several web sources. This function may help you generate ideas for fresh content based on relevant data you submit, including keywords, subjects, and more. With Jasper’s help, a wide range of content may be created, including emails, blog entries, and social media content.


Jasper offers exceptional features and a range of powerful tools that enhance writing. The plagiarism model is noteworthy for its exceptional accuracy in ensuring that data is original and free of unauthorized duplication. This platform has a large language base that meets various linguistic requirements and allows users to express themselves in the language of their choice effectively.


Talking about demerits, there might be a higher learning curve associated with mastering its functionalities. Users may need some time and effort to harness the potential of the tools provided fully. The pricing structure could be a consideration, and users may want to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the platform based on their specific needs and budget constraints. Also, in some instances, generated content quality may vary and violate user standards.

5. Longshot AI

Longshot AI provides sophisticated GPT-4 capabilities for all content makers in creating long-form content. Since you can feed it with your recommended links if you don’t like what it has written, note that you will have to; it gives greater customizing possibilities for content. It’s a helpful tool enabling you to produce material more quickly and prevent writer’s block.

Like most other AI writing helpers, Longshot has additional features like grammar checking, keyword research, and the ability to create material specifically for search engines, all of which will help you remain relevant to your target market.


One of its noteworthy advantages is this platform’s capacity to effortlessly connect with your links, offering a distinctive and personalized rewriting power. This feature adds a degree of customization to the writing process by enabling users to edit and alter information to suit their unique requirements. Fact Check and Claim Detection capabilities strengthen the platform’s dedication to providing accurate and reliable information by improving the created content’s dependability.


Regarding limitations, users could find it difficult to keep their material consistent in tone and style. It might be challenging to create a consistent voice, and it might take more manual editing to get the right consistency. Furthermore, there could be times when the produced material doesn’t live up to the standards set, producing outcomes that are viewed as inadequate or even “awful.”


The AI content creation platforms we looked at, like Writesonic and, have some excellent points. Writesonic is great because it has tools to check facts, an easy-to-use interface, and can connect with links, making it helpful in making different types of content. Even though it has some challenges, it’s still valid when users use their judgment and take the time to improve the information. On the other hand, is a top choice for AI writing tools. It can find plagiarism, support different languages, and has advanced writing features. It’s good for many things like long-form writing, and you can customize how it sounds. Plus, it has a free plan with many words you can use. Both platforms are good at different things, making creating content more accessible and creative.

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