Top 5 Best Meme Maker Apps for Android

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Memes everywhere you see especially in social media. You may also need to make memes for doing fun with your friends or for your social media posts to engage your targeted audience. To make your job easier, there are some apps in the Play Store which will help you to make a meme. Most of the meme maker apps have pre-installed funny faces and pictures. 

With meme makers, anyone can create a funny meme easily. Even the quality of the meme is also high.

In this article, you will get 5 best meme maker apps that are completely free. So you do not have to pay extra for it. But remember these apps might need some extra storage space as some of the apps come with a huge picture collection by default.

Here are the 5 best meme maker apps. 

1) Memasik

Memasik is another high rated meme generator app for making memes. It has a large database with trending meme that is updating regularly. memasik offers some decent tools for making memes only.

You can use your own photo, image or sticker to make memes. Text can be set where you want. You can adjust your text size, move your sticker and crop your image with your preference.

In meme making apps, the first important thing is a sticker which expresses the point of view of thousands of people. From this meme generator app, you will find all the stickers which can do the same. 

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2) Mematic – The Meme Maker

This is the most downloaded meme maker apps in the Play Store. It has an awesome interface which is better than others. All the relevant functions related to making a meme are found here.

You can add funny captions to any popular image or your own image. Also, a large collections are for you so that you can easily select any popular meme rather than searching in google for meme images. Making meme poster from any of your snapped image can be easily done by this Mematic app.

You will love this app for its feature but the problem is that this app is not available for all countries. Incase If you do not find this app available for your country, my suggestion is to download this app from HERE. Solved.

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3) Meme Generator Free

Meme Generator Free is the most popular apps for making interesting and funny memes. This app is made for only memes and so a bunch of funny faces images and pictures will be found there. Most of the memes you see on social media are found here. The interface of this app is elegant and it has a decent way to make professional memes.

You will get 1000 high-quality meme templates where you just have to adjust your text. It includes hundreds of stickers and allows you to customize any sticker with your preference.

You can move the caption & text and add your own. More than 50 fonts are available for decorating your memes. It also offers cropping tools so that you can crop if you need it. 

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4) Easy Meme Maker

This another app popular app for making meme. The user interface of this app is simple but it has some bugs that should be fixed. Though it has some bug you can use it as there are the main tools available here for generating meme.

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Easy Meme Maker has some preset image which is popular in social media. You can use any of those images or your own image. Text can be added with different font style and colors. Also, there are some stickers which you might like to use in your meme. All the stickers and text are movable. 

By using this app what I understand is that the app is for beginner level meme maker. If you want to make advance level meme maker then this is not the right app for you. 

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5) King Meme Generator

King Meme Generator works like a king since It provides all the tools for making meme. The user interface is elegant with some decent editing tools. Though this is not an ad-free app, it is useful for creating a meme.

This app lets you add text and change text style. You will get the sticker for troll faces, animal, and makeup frame. All the popular animal, troll faces, children, cartoon images are available in this app. Some of the popular effects are here to beautify your meme. You can apply any effect from the bottom toolbar.

If you want to combine multiple meme images in one panel, this app will help you a lot.

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How to make a meme?

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Usually, I would not like to make meme via android or ios app. If you want to make a professional meme, you should go with advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop. But you might not want to use photoshop or you may not familiar with photoshop. In that case, you can choose any photo editing apps from google play store or app store. Some websites also help you to create a fantastic meme. 

You will be able to generate a meme by following steps given below.

  1. First, you have to find out the image for your meme. You can get it by searching in Google with “Trending Meme Templates”. Download the one you want.
  2. Again search by the keyword “Popular meme face sticker png”. Download one.
  3. Then import those images in photo editing app like Snapseed, Pics Art etc. 
  4. Now resize your image and adjust your stickers.
  5. Add text/caption wherever you want. 
  6. Save Images to your gallery 
  7. Share with your friends

This is the way how everyone makes meme actually. But it totally depends on you how you prefer. Remember meme making is not easy. It requires creativity to make a meme. If you have creativity, then you can go with any of your preferable tools. I believe everyone has his own style. So you should not waste your time by getting stuck with tools. Just choose one and start making meme. Hope you will be able to make a fantastic meme.

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