MacBook Air, the Best MacBook Pro, Mac mini SSD Upgrade Dropped by Apple 2019, Apple has quietly reduced prices of SSD upgrades on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini computers.

Prices falling in Apple stores in various countries, including the United States, UK and Canada, are now live.

The price of the SSD upgrade remains unchanged at 1 or above, up to 1.5 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB for different notebooks Upgrades are cheap at anywhere between $ 100 (about 7,100) and 400 dollars (about 2,000 rupees).

Upgrading to SDD upgrade price comes in the heels of launch of the IMM model.

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Apple is looking at the US site, the company now supplies 1.5 TB SSD upgrade for the base base MacBook Air at 1,100 (about 78,500) at a price lower than the previous price of $ 1.11 (about 85,600 dollars). Similarly, the 1.5TB SSD upgrade for the MacBook Air 256 GB SSD variant is now listed in just 900 dollars (about 64,200 dollars).


• MacBook Air’s 1.5TB SSD upgrades exceed $ 100

• 2TB SSD upgrades for MacBook Pro exceeded $ 200

• Up to 64 GB of RAM has been upgraded for Mac Pro

The MacBook Air 1.5TB SSD upgrade has become cheaper by $ 100

For Mac Mini, the 2TB SSD upgrade is $ 200 (about $ 14,300) less for both base variant and upgrade version.

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MacBook Pro 2 TB SSD upgrades saw a drop of $ 200 for 13-inch and 15-inch models, but the price of 4 TB SSD upgrades for the 15 inch MacBook Pro model was $ 400 (about $ 28,600).

In addition to cutting costs for SSD upgrades, Apple 2013 reduced the price of RAM upgrade for Mac Pro.

The 64GB RAM upgrade now costs $ 800 ($ 57,100) under $ 1,200.

The lower price is first shown by MacRumors.

It is not clear whether the reduced prices for SSD and RAM upgrades will have any impact on India’s Mac device prices.

We have reached Apple for more clarity and we will update the story when we hear it.

Meanwhile, Apple launched the upgraded IMX model in several countries including India on Tuesday.

Upgrade models include the 9th generation Octa Core Core processor as well as the Radon Pro ViGA graphics.

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