Microsoft Surface Go Review 2019

Microsoft Surface Go Review 2019

Microsoft Surface Go Review 2019, Microsoft Surface C is a Windows 10 tablet whose price starts. 37.999

In 2012, with the introduction of Microsoft’s original Surface, it became a “personal computer” market – despite being a computer computer with the same name in CAS 2008. The first Surface was a Windows RT device that was designed to compete.

Tablet Apple iPad at the top of the market!

The Windows RT test ran out very fast – the last Microsoft device with Windows version optimized for Surface 2 ARM devices, as Microsoft switched to its tablets even “regular” windows – the Surface name has lived over, and actually thrived.

In recent years the company has announced various Surface devices and we have introduced the line from Tablet and Hybrid 2-in-1s to create various forms like Surface Studio and Surface Hub.

What they have done is the premium device designed to showcase the best of what they offer.

With the introduction of Surface Gore, Microsoft can make the Surface experience available at a more affordable price point, targeting the entry-level model will start at Rs. 37,999 in India A tablet price is about Rs.


• Surface Go Portable and well-built

• Performance is good enough for most days to work

• Battery life, however, is rather shocking

40,000 sounds like an expensive offer on paper, but does Windows 10 offer flexibly to offer its value? Surface Gore Your Picture If You Need A Premium Tablet? Let us answer these questions in our Surface Go reviews.

Microsoft Surface Go design and specifications

From the front, Surface Gothi looks like a superb standard tablet with rough thick bezel at all ends of the screen. Compared to old-fashioned baselels and even the iPad Pro, even today, compared to today’s smartphones, it seems even smaller.

It has been said that Surface Go does not look very different from the iPad of the year 2018, for example, there is thin base beside the iPad. The 2018 iPad, of course, has a home button, when Surface Go does not have any buttons in front of it.

The back side and the side of the device are much more attractive and look like Surface Premium devices and start to get started. The top side (when the machine extends with the kickstand) is a gray strip that holds the power and volume buttons at the top.

The strip is expanded backwards, where you will get a camera module and the center will get a crystal clear microphone, which will provide two tone finish.

On the right there is a headphone jack, a USB Type-C port and a consortium called Surface Connect, which is used for charging and for accessories connection like Surface Dock.

Surface Gone Signature Type To cover the bottom of the cover you have the bottom edge of the connectors, of course, sold separately.

Surface is the kickstand behind the most important design element of Gore. By default, there is a flash with the rest of the body standing, but it can easily pop out to run the tablet in different corners (up to 165 degrees).

A microSD card slot is rather easy to sit behind and miss the kickstand.

The kickstand feels hard, and stay in place when you need it, while the angle is easy to change and when necessary. Of course, kickstand works great when you are working on the table, but initially there was a reservation about how the experience was while using our secret. As it turned out, our fears were unclear, and using surfers on our secret, using the iPad Pro with its smart keyboard was not much different.

245 mm x 175 mm x 8.3 mm, 2018 is slightly larger than the iPad, but compared to 9.7-inches in 10-inch-ipad – you can get a screen larger. At 522g, it is much less heavier than Apple’s tablet, but can still be portable without any problem, even after the extra cover of type cover (even after more).

Surface Goto powered by Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor with Integrated Intel HD 615 graphics. The Pentium Gold line of the processor sits between Intel Cellell and Core i3 line, so you have to give an idea of ​​what to expect in terms of performance.

Microsoft does not officially chip clock speeds, but a quick look at Intel’s website shows that the 4415Y dual-core (four-thread) chip base frequency of 1.6 GHz

In India, the Surface Gate is available in two forms – 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB EMMC storage in rupees. We reviewed 37,999 and 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB SDD storage. 47.999 You can get 44 GB and 97 GB of space in both formats respectively.

Microsoft has not yet launched conversion with LTE in India, so your connection options are limited to Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

You have noticed that you will get Type-C (USB 3.1Jen 1) port in Surface Go but there is no full size USB port, which means that if you want to use your existing USB dingle hug. Drives and other accessories. There is no USB type-c in Dongle type box.

Microsoft Surface Go Accessories

Like Apple with iPad Pro, it’s positioning as a laptop replacement on Microsoft Surface Goes, which makes the keyboard an important accessory.

Like the iPad, the keyboard does not connect to the tablet and it is sold as an optional spare.

You can use any Bluetooth keyboard with Surface Go (like any other Windows device), but the Surface Goethera type type – like Microsoft calls it – does not require charging and is being used when the screen is double up as cover. It connects Surface Gore with the previously mentioned connector, and it is easy to turn off and close when needed.

The signature type cover is available in platinum, burgundy and cobalt blue color and is also made from premium alkterta microphiber material displayed on any other surface devices.

Rs. 11,799, it’s a pretty expensive keyboard that makes us happy that it’s black in the “only” room.

Using less expensive fabric 8,699

We got a black keyboard for testing from Microsoft, and Alcatraz’s keyboards are more premium, and the more affordable option is still quite good. Despite having a fair amount of compact, Surface Go Sign Type was a pretty decent experience typing keyboard. We found the keys to find good places with a suitable tour for this thickness keyboard.

The keyboard layout is roughly the norm with the rows of thin function keys at the top. Backlight is a welcome touch and a reminder for Apple’s preferences, which can be added without having to compromise the portability at least if the battery life is not there. Microsoft has been able to pack in a fairly modest trackpad with keyboards and we do not have any problems as per its functionality.

Fn key can be used for top key options between standard function keys and special functions such as reducing display brightness / reducing, media playback control and keyboard backlight. Print screen, home, end, page up, page down, and delete Function row is applied as a secondary action for keys.

Along with the keyboard, Surface supports other Surface accessories like Surface Pen and the experience is similar to what we’ve documented elsewhere.

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In short, in terms of better handwriting recognition than Windows, it is not saying that iOS and Pen work well, we do not think it is a sophisticated tool, unless you are an artist or take old fashion notes.

There is limited support for Surface Gours Surface Dial, in which you can work with this tablet but it does not support on-screen interactions.

Microsoft Surface Go performance and battery life

It’s nothing more than a giant screen to back up with a tablet internal, and it’s safe to say that until the surfaces are properly associated with engagement it’s right. The 10-inch display is a highlight of the reasonable device and it offers very good color accuracy and viewing angle.

It can get brighter enough, it makes it better to use in almost all conditions.

The display has a resolution of 1800×1200 pixels, and Windows 10 150% of the box is set for scaling. We’ve changed 125% to fit more content on the screen and it is still more available than it is usable, though your experience may vary.

Surface Goes Web Browsing, Email Checking, and Most Wanted to Watch YouTube Videos Without a Problem, and you can not expect anything less than this price.

As we mentioned earlier, we got more expensive transitions for testing, and low-priced variant only 4 gigabytes of RAM and slow eMMC storage would be less smooth.

Surface will play basic games, but do not expect it to be your portable gaming device. We tried to play Asphalt 8 on the tablet, and when it was running without a big problem and it was definitely playable, the overall experience reduced the frames to a great deal.

Our experience with the short 247 score of this game and Surface Go in 3DMark’s Time Spy Examination, we do not bother to install any heavy game

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To get to the other benchmarks, we got 32.59fps in the OpenGL test of Sinabachan R15 and score 1,835 in Pisimark, which got with the SmartTron Tube Flex and more than the Ibal Comparque Primo V2, which we got.

0 score. However, this is less than rupees. 35,990 Asus Vighoo has scored 15, although its machine is very slow, diplomatic hard drive and packs such a display that is not as close as Surface Go.

In Geekbench 4, Surface Goes single and multi-core scores recorded 1,966 and 3,756. It is comparatively less than the 2011 iPad, which scores 3,445 and 5,837 scores in the same test respectively, and iPad pricing is more expensive.

Using CrystalDiskMark, we record and write the order of 1,200 mbps and 88 mbps, respectively, while random reading and writing speed are 32 meters and 94 mbps respectively.

Surface Gore has an 8 megapixel autofocus rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera. Someone does not expect their tablet to be their primary camera, but if the needs in Surface Go are concerned, it will do a good job. Of course, the highlight here is that windows hello supports Microsoft’s face recognition technology that is built in Windows.

Windows hello used to unlock our Surface Go was quite smooth in most parts.

Surface C packs dual 2W stereo speakers with Dolby audio premiums, and in our experience, we have seen that they can get stubbornly loudly, so the word is still skin.

Windows 10 sarsea ships in SS mode, which means that you can only install applications from the Windows Store. Of course, if you want to unlock the entire Windows 10 home, it is trivial, even though it is an unchangeable process. Perhaps more interestingly, we noticed that Surface Go’s Windows 10’s “Tablet” mode is disabled by default, which we’ve got rather a weird choice. Let us explain.

Most, if not all, Windows 10 tablets and 2-in-1s can detect their current status and offer a favorable user interface. In tablet mode, unless an external keyboard is connected, these devices present a user interface which is optimized for touch devices with default targeting and apps opened by default in full-screen mode.

If a keyboard is connected, they can return to the traditional Windows interface with the Start menu and the desktop in the center of all user interaction.

Outside the box, Surface Ships disables tablet mode, which means it shows the traditional start menu by default, even if no external keyboard is attached. You are not encouraged to toggle in tablet mode yourself, which is mentioned along with other devices including Surface Book II.

Perhaps this was done to offer some of the things known to users on the first boots, but we provide it a touchy and even sub-optimum – touch, touch on the touch of the tablet mode, as well as provide a sophisticated experience.

Even from that, Surfers do offer more than you would expect from Windows devices.

This includes a true multi-tasking experience than the iPad Pro choice. This means that, for example, you’re running a YouTube video in the background – whatever the new YouTube premiums – whatever the iPad can do while working on the Word document in full screen.

Of course you will have access to full file system access for external media, although lack of USB port in a full size type will disappoint some people.

In terms of battery life, the Surface whole was very little. The tablet is running for about three hours at the battery Eater Pro Benchmark and our HD Video Loop battery loop tests are around 11 hours – beyond our own 9 hours continuous video playback’s own demand – our real-world experience was different.

We have struggled to use even four and a half hours from Surface, even when we did nothing more than basic browsing, check emails using Outlook, and occasionally watch YouTube videos. A tablet which is the first and foremost tablet, at least frustrating to say.

Microsoft Surface runs 65W charger with Gore, which will lift the tablet very quickly via Surface Connect port. You can use a USB Type-C port for charging, however you will definitely need your own charger and cable.


Microsoft Surface Go is a beautiful attractive device that lets you love The design is excellent and premium, nice to display, and performance is good enough for most daily work.

But for whom?

If you look for a very light and portable Windows notebook, Surface Go and Surface Go Signature type cover combination can serve you well.

We recommend getting high level variants that we’ve reviewed and black keyboard covers, a combination that will set you almost. 57,000 Sure, this kind of money can buy you a powerful laptop which is more powerful, but Microsoft’s solution can not come in terms of deliverability and fidelity.

Yes, there are a bunch of Windows tablets that aim to do something similar at a lower price, but most of them make many compromises in terms of design and display quality.

The only real problem with Surface Gore is its battery life and something that is otherwise designed to remove it. We hope Microsoft will soon launch the LTE option in India to make this truly real-time warrior, although it can obviously prevent prices further.

If you are looking for someone who finds the tablet’s first and foremost tablet, then you can get a better service from the 2018 iPad or iPad. Although we absolutely love that Windows offers real multitasking without any restrictions, the iOS ecosystem is even better in the quality of the iOS tab-optimization application.

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