7 Method Hack WhatsApp Chats 2021

hack whatsapp 2021

If you’ve come across this article, you probably need to read somebody’s messages on WhatsApp or view shared media files. In this article, you’ll find the best 7 ways to hack WhatsApp chats. I recommend you to look through all of them and choose the one that meets your technical skills and monitoring needs. 

DISCLAIMER: The article is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. 

1. Hack WhatsApp by syncing the web version with the device via the QR code. 

The main WhatsApp vulnerability is the web version of the service known as WhatsApp Web. To access the target’s account, all you need to do is to accurately configure WhatsApp analog in the web browser and, further, use the captured data for your own purpose. The only con of this hacking method is a requirement of physical access to the target smartphone. However, it’s necessary only for a moment. 

To hack WhatsApp, do the following:

1. Decide how you are going to read the target’s chats: from your PC or smartphone. https://web.whatsapp.com/

2. If you want to access the messages from your desktop, simply open the web version of the website and enable the “keep me logged in” option. 

whatsapp web
WhatsApp Web

3. If you want to view WhatsApp chats on your smartphone: install a special app on your smartphone allowing you to launch the web version. Go to Play Market, enter “WhatsWeb” in the search, find the app, and install it. 

4. The most challenging step. Access the target device. If the device is password-protected, this would be rather difficult 🙂

WARNING! The target device must be online otherwise you’ll fail to hack the messenger and read WhatsApp chats. 

5. Once you access the target smartphone, go to WhatsApp > Menu > WhatsApp Web. Now use the target device to scan the QR code from WhatsApp Web on your own device. Please note that the QR code data is changed for privacy reasons once a minute, so you should scan the code within this time frame. 

As a result, you’ll access all chats, dialogue history, and the hacked WhatsApp profile contacts. The advantages of this WhatsApp hacking method include the fact that the profile owner will never guess that they are tracked. But note that if the target goes to the WhatsApp Web menu in the app, they’ll notice that the PC version is also opened. Anyway, the target likely won’t guess that the chats are being monitored by a stranger.

Android Hacking: Exploit ADB using Ghost Framework in Kali Linux

Android Hacking ADB using the Ghost Framework
The ghost framework is not a hacking tool, and we are not hacking the android device. Ghost Framework is an Android post-exploitation framework that exploits the Android Debug Bridge to access an Android device remotely. So, this is a post-exploitation tool that gives a persistent connection and works as a backdoor.

2. Spy on WhatsApp messages by exporting a chat history to your email. 

This method is similar to the first one and it suits you in case you have less than a minute to access the target device secretly. Only half a minute is required to hack one’s WhatsApp but it enables you to readjust the chat that was not removed by the target. Online monitoring of chats is impossible in this case.

1. Run WhatsApp on the target device and open the chat you want to read. 

2. You’ll find the Menu icon in the upper right corner of the chat. Tap More > Export chat. 

Exporting a Chat

3. Then select exporting the chat with or without media. 

4. Select Gmail, enter your email address, and tap “Export”. 

If you’ve selected chat with media files, all photos, videos, and audios will be attached to the email and the texts from chats will be uploaded in the txt format.

Exporting a Chat

3. Hack WhatsApp with POCWAPP

PullOutCorrWhatsApp (also known as POCWAPP or POC WhatsApp) was developed by Chinese hacker “liuhong01”. With this program, Whatsapp can be hacked remotely and the cybercriminal can hack several accounts at once. For now, the program is compatible with Android only. The app is paid and can be found in DarkNet, the cost is unknown since the data is private. 

How the program works: it identifies the user by the phone number and finds their id number in the server, bypassing the device and cloud storage. It analyzes the size of the whole chat history (with all media files), excluding the content of voice calls. 

Further, the app uploads the data to its temporal server and decrypts it. Once uploaded, every user’s chat history is available for saving on your smartphone. The device owner has no idea that the copy of their chat history has been leaked from the server and keeps using the messenger.

POCWAPP can process up to 15 users within 1 connection to the servers. To hack WhatsApp with this program, it’s obligatory to have a good Internet connection. 

4. Monitor the target’s WhatsApp chats with WSP 3.0 – WhatsApp Scan Pro

Hacking WhatsApp remotely without access to the device is also possible with WhatsApp Scan Pro. The WSP builder creates a file virus hidden in a photo with a link. It’s desirable to use the target’s photo so that they get interested and open the file. 

The criminal sends the photo to the victim via WhatsApp > the virus file is opened on the target device > WSP blocks the backdoor in the background, connects to the builder, and starts receiving the QR codes scanned in the victim’s victim messenger. 

These QR codes are updated every 10 seconds and the server (builder) monitors the scanning process. Once connected to the victim’s device, the hacker leaks the target’s session remotely. As usual, a good Internet connection is a must. 

Top 13 Hacking Operating System (OS) in 2021

Hacking Operating System (OS) in 2021. Ethical hacking is identifying weaknesses in computer systems or networks to exploit its vulnerabilities so they can be fixed later. Hackers use various techniques to identify threats and thereby increase the security of the device. These people can utilize Linux based operating system to hack PC or network. It contains a wide range of applications to prevent cybersecurity attacks.

5. Track WhatsApp with Bluetooth

Thanks to the “blue” technologies, you can easily access one’s WhatsApp when you’re close to the target device (5-50 meters). In this case, data is transmitted on an unattainable frequency, excluding any hacking “fingerprints”. Many programs can bypass smartphone security via active Bluetooth, but none of them can run the device from the developer’s name. The most powerful solution here is WhatsApp – BlueMesCrack 2.0. The pricing is $300-400 per year but the program is worth trying. 

The hacking process consists of 5 steps: detection, scanning, vulnerability testing, hacking, and data transmission. 

6. Hack WhatsApp without Access to the Phone Using Spoofing Method

To hack WhatsApp following this method, you should access the target device and find some necessary data.

First of all, remove the WhatsApp messenger from your device. Next, use the guide to find the address of the target smartphone:

  • to hack an Android smartphone, open Settings> About Phone> Status> Wi-Fi MAC Address;
  • to access WhatsApp on an iPhone, open Settings> General> About> Wi-Fi Address.

Then you need to install Busy Box and Terminal Emulator on your smartphone and with the help of these apps, change the Wi-Fi MAC Address on your device to the address of the target device. After it, install WhatsApp and enter the phone number of the target device. Get the verification code on the target device and then delete it. Finally, simply log in to the target’s WhatsApp account with the verification code.

How to Install Kali NetHunter on any Android Phone

Kali offers for everyone to install kali NetHunter for every android device without rooting your device and installing Kali NetHunter by Termux.
Android Device (Stock unmodified device, no root or custom recovery required)
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Hacker’s keyboardhttps://store.nethunter.com/en/packages/org.pocketworkstation.pckeyboard/ or you can find it in NetHunter-Store
10 GB+ Data or WiFi
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Note: (In the NetHunter-Store) The button “install” may not change to “installed” in the store client after installation – just ignore it. Starting Termux for the first time may seem stuck while displaying “installing” on some devices – just hit enter.

7. Use a WhatsApp mSpy app

This is the easiest way to hack one’s WhatsApp chats and messages since you don’t need to configure any settings yourself – a tracking app will do everything for you. Modern WhatsApp spy apps can easily track WhatsApp texts, shared media, contacts, and voice calls and send the recorded data to your online account, meaning that you’ll monitor the IMs remotely from any device.

Further, spy apps usually offer some extra features like listening to live surroundings, screen recording, camera control, keylogging, screenshots, recording of chats in other apps like Line, Viber, Tinder, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. 

mSpy is the best app for spy any android device. Download mSpy app : mSpy

WhatsApp spy apps are suitable both for iOS and Android and are available on open sources. But note that some tracking apps require rooting/jailbreaking the target smartphone. One of the few solutions that don’t require root and are easy to install is EvaSpy. It’s suitable for WhatsApp message tracking and checking attached media files.

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