Prepostseo Review: Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Making sure that a piece of content is well-written and devoid of unoriginality is a part of content optimization. Taking steps such as these is crucial regardless of the nature of the write-up. Similarly, SEO is another factor that you need to keep in mind when publishing content online.

In the modern digital era, tasks like these are being handled by assistive technologies or online tools. One example of such a toolkit is Prepostseo which is going to be the main topic of this post.

We are going to review this tool to let you decide whether you should give it a try or not. Everything from its features and working to its pricing is going to be discussed in the following.


First, we will talk about all the excellent features of this platform and provide you with an overview.

  1. Multiple Tools

Prepostseo offers a variety of tools for optimization and SEO purposes. There are about 95 different tools available on this platform. For example, if you want to fine-tune your written content, you can use the content optimization tools of this platform.

These include:

  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker

These are some of the main and most commonly used content optimization tools of Prepostseo. In the case of web management and domain tools, some prominent examples are:

  • Domain authority checker
  • Links extractor
  • Google index checker
  • DNS records checker

Such a wide variety of tools really makes Prepostseo a worthy tool platform.

  1. Costless Use

The vast range of tools might have made you think that this tool would be highly-priced. But to your surprise, all of these tools are free to use. You don’t even need to sign up or log in anywhere. All the tools are accessible to everyone.

There are a few restrictions in the free version, but they are removable with a premium subscription. We will talk about this in a later section.

  1. Simple and Beginner-Friendly UI

Even with such a large set of tools, Prepostseo has managed to make its platform simple to use. Even first-time visitors have no problem navigating and using the tools.

User friendly ui

There are a few advertisements floating here and there in the free version of the tool, but that is acceptable. We say that because of the countless other features that this platform provides.

Here is a screenshot of a tool’s webpage:

Tool webpage

As you can see, there are quite a few advertisements, but they are somewhat bearable.

Other than these advertisements, the tool pages are pretty well-designed and easy to understand. All the buttons, such as the search bar and tool buttons, work perfectly fine. There are no redirects, and our overall experience using this tool was pretty smooth.

  1. Multi-language Support

The tools of Prepostseo are not restricted to a single language. In fact, they can be used in multiple languages. Especially the Content optimization tools, such as the paraphrasing tool, effectively showcase this feature.

Multi language

You can insert passages from any of the supported languages into the tool, and the results will be produced in that very language. Such deep optimization options make this tool a great contender among its competitors.

  1. Responsive Contact Support

Prepostseo provides its users with instant query-solving contact support. There is an option named Chat Online which allows you to send a text to one of the support team members, and they reply to you within a few minutes.

In this way, if you have any query about anything related to any tool or any other issue, you can consult the support team, and they will solve your problem.

We claim all this because we experienced firsthand how long it takes to get a response from this online chat. We submitted the following query in the live chat option:

Live support

The replies you see in the above image were given to us in under one minute.

A list of free tool

  1. Applications

Other than the one for all browser toolsets, Prepostseo also provides mobile applications for both Android and iOS. This mostly includes content optimization tools such as the plagiarism checker and the paraphrasing tool.

These downloadable applications are also free, and the only downside to them is the use of a few advertisements. We tested these apps as well and got satisfactory results. Here is an example of its paraphraser’s working:

Free application
  1. Other Tools

Other than the mainly used content optimization and SEO tools, Prepostseo also provides a secondary set of tools. It mainly includes:

  • Calculators
  • Converters

Here is an image of these tools to help you understand what type of calculators we are talking about.

Tool list

These are the tools that students from various fields can use to enhance their productivity. There are a huge number of these tools, so you can find any type of conversion and calculator here and use them for free.


We mentioned in the starting section of the article that this tool also has a premium plan. This plan unlocks a few additional features (such as paraphrasing modes) and removes a few restrictions (such as word limit).

This plan makes the Prepostseo experience even better and it is priced as follows:

Price plan

It comes with several unique features. For example, the overall speed of the tools improves. Similarly, it offers an API key that can be used to integrate Prepostseo tools on its users’ websites. These features make this plan worth buying.

Pros and Cons

In the end, we are going to summarize all the positive and negative aspects of this platform in the following table:

Fast and reliableAn abundance of ads in the free version
Wide range of toolsRequires lengthy captcha verification sometimes
All tools are available for freeNo additional languages in the premium plan
24 different languages supported
Instant query-solving chat


After a deep analysis of Prepostseo, we think it is safe to say that it is an excellent tool, especially if you want to use it for content optimization. Other tools, such as website management tools and academic tools, are also great.

In our opinion, even the premium plan is great because it provides high value for money. The extra smooth experience can be unlocked with it, and you can enjoy various features with it.


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