Many of us want to know about big data in detail, but due to many obstacles, they do not learn. Today I’ll tell you some examples of Big Data.

Over the past two years, the amount of information we have collected is much more than the information collected in the complete human civilization two years ago. At present, it means 24 hours of events occurring on a whole day, in the past, there is much more information than the events occurring in the past.

Today we are going to know how much data transmitters and war hoarding are done every 24 hours in the world.

We are going to build around 200,000 cars in the next 24 hours, Of which 450 are the Toyota Corolla and this huge quantity of car fuel that means, in the next 24 hours to meet the oil needs, 7,90,00,000 barrels of oil are going to burn.

But the destruction of natural resources is not the end here, In the next 24 hours, we will cut 9 to 10 million trees to meet our requirements, due to which the green from the earth is about to rise, many species of plants and animals are going to get lost and thus in the next 24 hours, 150 to 200 different species of plants will be destroyed by insects or pests and they will become totally extinct from this earth.

In the next 24 hours, almost every person in the world will get 5000 steps or less, but only for people in Hong Kong who are the most prominent walkways, around 7,000 steps are available in average, whereas Indonesia’s people who are the lowest will stand 3500 steps in the next 24 hours. You will be surprised to know that within the next 24 hours, there will be 1,80,00,000 people in this world celebrating their birthday. Apart from this, more than 650 marriages of each country will be held. The interfacing factor is the physical relationship between 200 million people in the next 24 hours. Among that 50 % married, 30% of a boyfriend and girlfriend, 15% for live contestants and 5% in homosexuals.

At present, 3,53,000 baby babies will be born in their common subjects. But sadly, among them, the birth of 1,63,000 children will be very poor. There are a total of 1.3 billion people living below the poverty line, which cost $ 1 a day or less. This number is undoubtedly a matter of concern in today’s world, in the next 24 hours, a typical person’s income will be $ 50. On the other hand, Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world, will earn 21,50,00,000 in the same period. Incredibly, this number is more than Apple company next 24-hour income. Apple company will earn $ 12,70,00,000 in the next 24 hours.

Do you know that in the next 24 hours only 57,000 arms will be sold in the United State. According to the data analysis, there are about 29,000 people arising from the whole world and Over 47 people are going to be killed. But the number of murders in the United States has nothing to do with Brazil. Data analysis shows that in the next 24 hours, about 168 people are going to be killed in Brazil. For this reason, about 1 lakh 51 thousand people are going to die in the next 24 hours and 3,53,000 children will be born. That means young people in our society are declining and children and the elderly are increasing. In the meantime, McDonald’s is going to sell approximately 65,00,000 hamburgers and people are going to drink 7,20,000,000 liters of alcohol so that at nearly 15 years everyone is going to drink 13.5 g of alcohol. Meanwhile, 36,00,000 tons of waste is going to be removed, and in the meantime, mobile companies are going to sell 40,00,000 smartphones, and this smartphone is going to be about 20,00,000 Uber’s Raid Book.

Again, this mobile phone is going to be downloading only 2.11 million songs from iTunes and 6,70,00,000 images are being uploaded in Instagram and 1,00,00,00,000 swindlers are going to be in the teether and 23,00 ,00,00,000 text messages are going to be transmitted We are currently producing large quantities of data that are going to be doubled from just a few days, in the last two years, the data stored in the last two years In the next few hundred years, it did not.

Only 576,000 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every day, and 5,00,00,000,000 videos are going to be video views, while Snapshot viewers are watching 6,00,00,000,000 videos and Wikipedia is almost 10,000 articles are going to be connected. Surprisingly, there are about 65,00,000,000 tweets on Twitter in the next 24 hours, and in the next 24 hours only 150,000,000 people are going to log in to Facebook, which accounts for about 3, 50,00,00,000 searches are going to be made and the search for Dark and Deep and Visible Search will be around 5,00,00,000,000. And since this is an email e-mail, so about 22,400,00,000,000 e-mails are going to be delivered everyday. but surprisingly 66 percent of them are junk or spam email.

If we make all these information into bytes, then it is going to dispute about 25,00,00,00,00,00,000 (twenty-five quintillion) bytes data, which is also the data generated in the year 1999 in the whole world. Get more information from the Internet from the information collected from the internet and “analyzed on the platform”.