Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Selling Well in China: DJ Koh 2019, Samsung Electronics said on Wednesday that its new Galaxy flagship smartphones were getting good sales in China and it was believed that it could reverse the recent recession in the fate of the world’s largest smartphone market.

Samsung’s market share has dropped from less than 1 percent in 2013 to about 20 percent, because at present, rapidly growing Chinese rivals such as Huawei Technologies have proven to be more agile in response to the latest trends.

Samsung Electronics’s co-chief executive DJ Koh told the shareholders at the firm’s annual general meeting, “It has been difficult in China in the last two years. We have changed everything from our organization and people to distribution channels.”

“I think our major and mid-value models, these two products will bring a lot of change in the Chinese market … I am positive.”

While Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone maker, with sales of around fifth world unit, last year a slowdown reached the market and it has closed its own mobile phone manufacturing plant in China.

South Korean technical giants are reducing their hopes for a fight to facilitate the first 5G connection in a large, tilted screen and premium phones on their latest handset, a feature analyst hopes to match Apple Inc. by 2020. Is not there.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Selling Ready shareholders

Excited approach to mobile devices in China, unlike the company’s more pessimistic step 2019, is expected to be weighted due to operational tension, weak economic development and soft demand for memory chips.

“We are expecting many difficulties this year like slowing growth in key economies and risks on global business struggles,” co-chief executive Kim Kai-nay told the meeting.

Some shareholders removed their frustration and resorted to microphones to attract officials.

A shareholder told the board, “If you are given a lot of annual salary, then you should work hard. I am asking the management to do a good job.”

The meeting attracted more than doubling the general crowd after a stock split last year, which made it easy for retail investors to own Samsung Stock.

 There was a long queue around the Samsung building to go inside, and some shareholders complained that they were starving because of the dragging the meeting.

Samsung is demanding new development in areas such as network equipment manufacturing, as the sales of its main chips and smartphones have started decreasing.


• Samsung believes that it can reverse the recent recession in China

• CEO DJ Koh says that the new Galaxy flagship is good in the area

• Currently Samsung’s market share is less than 1 percent

As expected, the shareholders voted to approve the appointment of board directors.