Sometimes Facebook doesn’t respond to AD or facebook disabled ad account. So the question is why my Facebook ad account is being disabled or Facebook account is being disabled? Does Facebook doing these kinds of work at their own choice or is it a big mistake? After reading this post You will clearly satisfied with everything else in the pastfutur website.
Why facebook disabled ad account?

Why facebook disabled ad account?

Sometimes Facebook disables and accounts. And Facebook told that there was a policy violation that’s why they have done what the user deserves. But the problem is most of the people don’t know about Facebook ad policy. So that they always told that they are not violating any rules of Facebook. So I think you will know why that’s happened.

Disable Payments and Adverts Manager
Disable Payments and Adverts Manager
  • Sometimes Facebook rejects those ads that are grammatically incorrect.
  • Sometimes they reject those ads that are Facebook’s personal health policy. When a user is doing this kind of illegal work two or three times, Facebook doesn’t take it simply. That’s why they have to take strict action to prevent this kind of problem. Just think that is it possible to work in a place or company without following their rules and regulation? The answer will be no. And the same thing happens in the Facebook apps policy.

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Why Facebook disabled personal profiles?

Sometimes Facebook also disables personal profiles too. But most of the time, people don’t know the main reason for disabling personal profiles. Just think simply Facebook says to use an account then it also says to use profile pictures and everyone does it. But Facebook also says not to spam but maximum people don’t know what is spam! Why does Facebook consider something as spam?

Your account has been disabled
Your account has been disabled
  • Literally, do you know that if someone hides a comment in a place that you are involved in any it can affect your profile very easily? Maximum time people do this kind of work that is violate Facebook rules and that’s why sometimes Facebook disables the personal accounts too.
  • Maximum time disabled accounts cannot given to the user at any cost.

Sometimes there is no response to the ads and there is no sale but also the messages at cuts the money significantly.

Sometimes it happens that about 95 out of a hundred traders work with similar products. So in that case there is the biggest challenge for Facebook to boost every ad properly. So, in that case, Facebook responds to those ads that is with a

  • Good quality of photography.
  • Easy to read.
  • And the content is without any grammatical problem.

One thing do you know how Facebook spends money on every message?

  • When your ad has more rich or impressions, less message, then your message rate will be higher. Just imagine, if your ad is viewed by 10,000 people, and 10-15 people will give 10-15 messages, so generally the cost of your message will increase,

Download Photo from Locked Facebook Profile

Many of people taird to download photos from facebook lock profile. Facebook  do not allow download photos from locked profile. You can download photos using pc computer browser inspect tool but mobile user can’t do this becouse mobile browser have not inspect tool But in this tutorial i’ll show it how to download profile photo from facebook locked profile using mobile phone without any kind of  software. Fast of all you have to login you Facebook account using any web browser or Facebook app and go to locked profile and copy profile link.

Now the question is already 10,000 people see your ad does it cost?

The answer is Yes, it will similarly cost like the other ads. But it will not cost the same rate as the messages do.

And if no one does not give a message, then what can Facebook do??

Facebook has nothing to do here, all you have to do is work on content development, products, etc. will be good, when 10,000 people see the ad, when 10 people will give a message, you will see how much money is spent on each message. This example is not only for message ads but for almost all ads.

I hope, I have written the whole item properly, But once again,

Facebook disabled ad account

If we continue to do business through Facebook then Blaming Facebook is just a waste of time. We have to cover up our own mistakes which are alarming too. So we have to think first about where we are going wrong without finding the problem of Facebook.

Of course, Facebook can have many problems, and it is a normal thing, but there is no way to turn away all the problems of Facebook. Because many bugs on Facebook are solved day by day. And you have to work according to the rules of the platform you are working on. But this is normal, Facebook will not follow your rules, you have to follow the rules of Facebook and you have to know the rules well.

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