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keyboard remapping tools

Generally, keyboards are one of the most important parts for gamers. Basically, the WASD keys are a must for gamers. But if suddenly any key is not working then what do you do? If you are a PC user, then you can easily solve this problem, but it is quite difficult to solve the problem of a laptop keyboard. So in that term, you can easily solve this problem by the keyboard Remapping Tools. you can do it in all versions of Windows by following the PastFutur official website

Third-Party Tools

Sooth to say, if you like to remap the keyboard you have to depends on the third-party tools, cause windows doesn’t provide any option for remapping. but, why you should remap the keyboard without any reason? When any key on the keyboard is not working or lost, then you have an option so that you can use that keyboard without buying a new one. on the other hand, remapping the keyboard is a very smart option if you are a gamer, you can improve your gameplay through it. And those people who use one or two keys at a time for professional work can easily solve their personal work by using remapping.

Sharp keys is all kind of those third-party tools for remapping the keyboard. And it took the first place easily for its easy user interface option. You can also use registered tweaks to modify the keyboard properly for remapping. But it is a little bit difficult process to do that’s why the other remembering tools come in to solve this problem. It is a free and open-source tool that can be used easily to remove the keyboard. Just simply download the stools and then install and then turn it on and click the add button from the main menu.

1. SharpKeys Remap Tools

When you have done this process successfully then it will open the key mapping window then just simply select the key that you want to do in front of the other key just simply e click those key from the left and transfer it into the right area carefully.

SharpKeys Remap Tools
SharpKeys Remap Tools

Then just restart the PC and you will see the new remap keyboard.

Download Sharpkeys latest version

2. KeyTweak Remap Tools

KeyTweak is another remembering option for the users in the second place because it is much more than easier than the other third-party tools. Because you can remove your keys on your keyboard about three particular processes. For the first time, you have to remove two keys from the drop-down menu style as before but after doing that the process is the same as the past process of sharp keys.

KeyTweak Remap Tools
KeyTweak Remap Tools

But you have to remember one thing that is the key tweak there is an option of a virtual keyboard and it will be very easy for the user interface. So you can simply use the virtual keyboard option.

Download KeyTweak latest version

3. Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator Remap Tools

Microsoft keyboard layout caterers and other options for you. So if you like Microsoft tools then you can use the Microsoft keyboard layout creator tools as you can not use it for keyboard remap but you can easily use it for keyboard layout. It is also very easy for the users but the problem is you cannot change the return, Ctrl, Alt, Tabs, Shift, Caps, etc.

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator Remap Tools
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator Remap Tools

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Download Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator latest version

4. AutoHotKey remapping tools

And other third-party tools for different activities is AutoHotkey. It is a little bit different types of cutting tools for the user interface. It lets you create your own script that is not given by the other third-party tools. The important thing is that you can also export this file separately from Exe files. For just the users they also give an option that you can also use these tools in the tutorial version. There is a lot of option for you so that you cannot use it for keyboard repairing but also you can use it for various things including create keyword executable, key binds etc.

AutoHotKey remapping tools
AutoHotKey remapping tools

Download AutoHotKey latest version

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