Samsung tipped its hand all over again revealing another key piece of its 2019 roadmap. because it did with the foldaway phone some weeks back the corporate are going to be revealing a symptom thought on at the annual Qualcomm flower summit in island.

Details around things like specs are possible to be pretty lightweight yet again although Samsung and mobile partner Verizon are shooting for a unleash someday within Qualcomm may be a key hardware partner here moreover manufacturing the Snapdragon X50 5G NR electronic equipment and antenna modules via the Snapdragon mobile platform

The News finds Samsung change of integrity one or two of corporations promising to deliver 5g smartphones in 2019 as well as OnePlus and Motorola although the latter are going to be accomplishing this via Moto Mod. Samsung s chief challenger apple meanwhile isn’t expected to embrace the technology till 2020 consistent with the most recent rumors.

Samsung has already in public embraced the technology showing off a 5G home router method back at mobile world congress 2017. Our company bosses at Verizon meanwhile are demonstrating home 5G service during a smattering people cities as well as Houston state capital la and state capital.

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