How to share files between android and windows, Linux and Mac via Bluetooth

share files via bluetooth between android and windows, linux, mac

Sometimes we use gmail and yahoo or email to share files. But you can share files via bluetooth too. It is also one of the fastest process to share your files from Windows, Linux, and Mac to android. So if like to follow pastfutur then stay with us to get the latest update of everything else.

For Windows user:

How to Recieve files from your Windows to your Android:

You can share files via bluetooth using microsoft windows operating system .

1.Turn on you Bluetooth of you PC and Android.

2. Then Just go to the search area or start button and then Start > Settings > click on Devices.

3.You will see an option of Send or Recieve File Via Bluetooth at the bottom or side area. Just click it. You will see two option of Send files or Recieve files.

share files via bluetooth
File receive confirmation

4.Then if you like to recieve files or send files, it’s your choice now.

You will see this process and you can save your files manually too.

How to Send files from your Windows to your Android:

It is also as usual process like Start > Settings > click on Devices > Send or Recieve File Via Bluetooth > Send files

share files via bluetooth
Share File via Bluetooth

You will see this option and you can also save manually.

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For Linux user:

How to send files from your Linux to your Android:

1.Go to the task bar then click on Bluetooth > pair with your Android

2.Then click and Send file > Choose the file from your folder > Then Just send and enjoy!

For Linux Mint User:

1.Go to Devices > You will see Available Devices > Just Pair with your android

Bluetooth options for Linux
Bluetooth options for Linux

2.Tick mark on the trust icon allow reciept of files from paired device.

File receive confirmation for Linux
File receive confirmation for Linux

3.Then you are ready to go.

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For Mac user:

How to send files from your Mac to your Android:

1.Simply click on the Mac’s start button > then you will see System preferences

2.Then you will see an option of Bluetooth > Turn on Android Bluetooth

3.You will see your Android Device name on Bluetooth Devices > Just Connect and Pair simply.

Bluetooth options for MAC
Bluetooth options for MAC

4.Click Show all > Sharing > Tick mark Bluetooth sharing

Bluetooth options for MAC
Bluetooth options for MAC

And now Just enjoy sharing!

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