Reset, Forgot, Recovery Kali Linux Password

In this article, we will learn how to reset lost or forgotten passwords (manager) on Kali Linux. We all know that we can change the password from the terminal if we know the current password. But if we forget we will have to follow the steps below to reset the root password.

Sometimes you may forget your Kali Linux password. You can easily reset what is lost or forgotten in just one minute. You can have solid information about Kali Linux if not, Kali Linux is an operating system similar to the Windows operating system. Kali Linux is widely used by the Swiss military hacker knife.

Nowadays, hackers use Kali Linus to check entry. And Kali Linux is designed for digital forensics and login testing. In addition, this document will be very useful for the login tester or one who uses Kali Linux on a daily basis as a hack of ethics, students of information security fields. and many more. Therefore, you will learn How to Reset Lost Kali Linux Password in 2021.

How to reset a lost Kali Linux Password

Resetting the lost password of Kali Linux is much easier and easier these days. Therefore, it will help you whenever you forget your password. However, we have created a step-by-step guide that will help you every day. Therefore, if you want to reset your lost Kali Linux password you will need to follow each step correctly so that you do not face any problem.

A to Z Kali Linux Commands List

Step 1. First, you need to open your Kali Linux application and allow the GNU Grub page to appear.

Step 2. When the GNU Grub page appears, you need to select the advanced kali GNU / Linux option with the down arrow key and press enter from keyboard.

Step 3. After that, you just have to select the second option which is Recovery Mode and press the E key to go to the recovery mode of your Kali Linux application.

Step 4. Once you have entered the GRUB menu setup mode you will be introduced in the next window. Scroll down to the line starting with the linux keyword.

Step 5. To change it, you need to change read mode only mode ro replace it with keyword rw (write mode) and And Next, on the same boot entry find the keyword splash and replace it with init=/bin/zsh. and Type CTRL + X Save then press F10 to reboot the Kali Linux.

Step 6 – After restarting the Kali Linux program. So, you just need to type passwd root and hit enter. Then type twice the root password for the root user. So, after a successful reset of the lost Kali Linux, you will see a password-success message password update.

Step 7 – At this stage, you are done. Just restart your system or continue to launch using the following Linux command:

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Step 8 – Now after restarting your Kali, you can sign in with a new password. You can sign in with the root again and with a normal user account.

Congratulations! successfully set a lost Kali Linux password. However, it has 8 easy steps to do without problems.

Finally, that’s about How to Reset the Lost Kali Linux 2021 Lost Password – Step by Step. I hope you easily and easily reset the lost Kali Linux password. So, if you are having problems while resetting the Kali Linux password, then please do not hesitate to leave comments in the comments section below.

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