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Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of all time, said, “Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of this world”.

According to his words, SUCCESS Magazine’s publisher Darren Hardy wrote a book name The Compound Effect, which is The New York Times Bestseller.

This book has some great Key Ideas that can help us all to make a Perfect Life Resolution.

Well said,

What is the role of a Root Factor behind a person’s successful or failure? His childhood, how he grew up, his environment or something else?

According to the author, the Root Factor is the small selection of his own chores.

There is only one thing in this whole world that we can fully control if we want it, that is our choice. And these choices are responsible for the outcome of every aspect of our lives.

If you wish, you can go to the gym after returning to the office or see the TV lying on the sofa. If you want any reason after having a quarrel with your wife, then forget everything behind and you can hug with your wife or you can leav it with your ego.

Such small choices will determine the outcome of all of us: Whether you are healthy or sick, you will get a long and sweet relationship or your daughter will have to answer, why you gave divorce to her mother.

But we do not give too much attention to such small choices, if I give you two options now: I will give 1 dolldollar which will be hugged for the next one month or will give 10 million at the time. Which offer you would like to take in it?

Most people, maybe choose 2 numbers, 10 million. Well then I left the offer number 1 with myself. Now let’s see what’s outcome comes 1 month later.

After 5 days I have 16 dollar and you have 100 million After 10 days I have 512 dollar and you have 10 million After 20 days I have 5,24,288 and you have 10 million. You have so much money in so much money.

Now 31 days after you have 10 million but I have 107,37,41,824. Which is 10 times more than what you have.

This time it will understand why Einstein said the Compound Interest as 8th Wonder of World Follow this pattern exactly as successes.

Darren Hardy said, “After 31 months or 31 years, the person who uses the positive nature of the compound effect appears to be a overnight success.

For example, let’s see the example of Rashid, Vijay, Jewell three friends. All three have grown up in a similar environment, are in the same place and the income is roughly the same. And yes, let’s say that three people have got married and everyone seems to be in a little confused with the Wife.

From the beginning of the new month or year, Rashid always did what he did, because he thinks he is happy about it. Yes, sometimes he started complaining about all the things about everyone.

Vijay, on the other hand, started a small checklist by introducing some small Insignificant Positive Change among themselves.

For example,

  • Before going to bed every day, read 10 pages of a good book.
  • Every self-help / motivational video can be seen in the car for 30 minutes or 30 minutes at a time when traveling to the office or returning to the office.
  • Reduce his caloric intake to 125 calories.
  • Eat at least 2 liters of water per day.
  • 1 mile walk every day.
  • Calling 2/1 people at least a day involving business interest or taking rehabilitation.
  • Going to dinner for minimum one day with his wife every week.

On the other hand, Jewel started some small Insignificant Negative Change.

For example,

  • Eating junk food at lunch every day.
  • Giving the job pressure 3/4 days a week for Jim miss.
  • Every day eating a bottle of cold drinks while returning from office.
  • To watch the favorite show on TV, close the dressing walk.
  • Reduced official communication due to lack of time.
  • On the pretext of busyness, he stopped going out with his wife.

There was no difference of 3 friends in the 5th month. The same after 10 months. The Vijoy began to be a bit frustrated. Because he still did not see any positive results, he persisted in some way, while the jewel was enjoying life by working less. And Rashed is also happy.

But after 25 months, a slight difference was found between them, and after 27 months they found more clericals.

After 31 months the differences become poles apart.

Rashed is now more compliant about everyone. He mostly feels bore and purposeless.

Jewel Rose every day consumed a little junkfood and weighed 15 kg without excluding Jim, with many diseases Decreasing communication resulted in poor business conditions. As a result, the financial situation got worse as well as the relationship with the wife became worse and getting divorced.

Now let’s come back to Vijoy. In this 31 months, he has read 50 books and 465 hours of useful video, in which his Knowledge & Wisdom has multiplied earlier.

By reducing the weight of just 125 calories a day, and weighing 15kg in the 1 mile walk, that is why he is still slim and handsome as before. By taking two liters of water every day, he consumed almost two thousand liters of water, which reduced his disease in many diseases. And by calling two calls every day, he gave 1800 calls so that the relationship was good, so the business continued to grow.

Just one day a week, she took a dinner for 124 days, so that her wife was happy, her relationship got stronger.

Strong insignificant changes compounded for 31 months brought an outstanding result for him.

If success are so easy and we all know the process, then why do we failed to follow this formula?

According to the writer, there are four snares, because of which we fail or can not keep Consistency.

Starting Results Are Invisible

Imagine if you eat a burger today and wake up by 15 kg in the next morning, would you ever eat a burger? Or today you smoking and in the next morning you wake up with cancer in your throat, did you ever dare to smoking?

But the problem is that there are no changes in the beginning. After some months or a few years, some horrific consequences of sudden occurrence may occur suddenly, as long as there is no scope to stop it.

You must always keep in mind that to avoid this trap, “Every choice you make ignites a butterfly effect“.


If any aircraft of Los Angeles becomes 1 degree Off Route, then that plane will land on another island 150 miles away from Los Angeles. Now imagine, if you are only 1 degree off routine in your life, then for 10 or 15 years, then where do you live in the land?

It’s very important to have a guideline to avoid it. Such as a Daily Checklist, which will help you stay on track like a footprint. If you go off the track for some reason, this checklist will help you to get back to the track.

Immediate Gratification

You have two options, after dinner, you can eat a hot chocolate cake or just eat 1 glass of water. You picked water and took a friend’s cake. The friend was very happy to eat the cake before your eyes. And at the same time you are only drinking water which has no taste for it. How will you feel?

That’s the trap.

If you look at the short term then you do not get anything if you choose a good choice, but if you choose a bad choice you are very happy and have fun.

Which is a great paradox as Darren Hardy said,

Short term pleasures create long term pains and short term pains create long term pleasures.”

You have to make trouble once in life, you can not leave it. These troubles are of two types: Pain of Discipline and Pain of regret.

But we have only a few villages weighing heavily in the discipline, and for a few days where the weight of regrets weighing a few tons and lifespan.

Now your choose.

What is easy to do is also not easy to do.

Maintaining Checklists, drinking only two bottles of water per day, 1 mile walk; It is very easy to do these things.
Yes, it is easy but it is a lot difficult to do.

The writer says that there is only one thing that is common among successful and unsuccessful milk people, none of them loves to choose the right choice.

Yes it is true.

Instead of hot chocolate cake, nobody loves to drink only tasteless water, but succesful people do whatever they want by using their Will Power or own Why Power.

As Mohamed Ali said,

“I hated every minute of training but I love being a world champion.”

So to get rid of this trap, you have to find out why. This is why you will be as powerful as why you will be so powerful.

So prepare a Checklist on daily basis, which will guide you throughout the year to stay on the right track.
One thing is fixed that you can never escape from the compound effect, either u earn it or you pay for it.

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