Many mobiles allow to change the English font style but do not allow to change the Bengali font style. Today we will discuss how to change Bangla font style on Android mobile.

In this age mobile means android. Android is now in everyone’s hands. Everyone is busy to make his own mobile look different from everyone else. Many people use different themes, icon, wallpaper, live wallpaper on his mobile for look different. Now it is not possible to change the font style without rooting on many mobiles. Again many mobiles can be changed without rooting. e.g Samsung, OnePlus. But Bangla font cannot be changed in any mobile. You can make your mobile more attractive by changing English font as well as Bangla font.

So, now how do you change the Bangla font style of your Android mobile.


  1. Android Mobile
  2. Root
  3. Magisk Module Installed
  4. Hasan Rongdhonu + Lima Bosonto (Download)
    • Combined font (regular + bold)
  5. Lima Bosonto (Download)
    • It is not combined, only one font is used in regular and bold.
Hasan Rongdhonu + Lima Bosonto font
Hasan Rongdhonu + Lima Bosonto font

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Lima Bosont Font
Lima Bosont Font

How to install Bangla font style?

  1. Download the module to your phone’s storage.
  2. In Magisk Manager, open the sidebar and select Modules.
  3. Hit the Plus icon, then locate your downloaded module.
  4. Long press on the module and select Open. It will begin installing right away.
  5. Reboot your phone when prompted.

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How to uninstall Bangla font style?

To uninstall or disable modules, go to Modules in the Magisk Manager app. From there:

  • Uncheck the box alongside a module to disable it. Then reboot.
  • Tap the trash can icon to remove a module completely. Reboot to complete the process.

This might brick your device so I am not responsible for any future issue neither the developer is responsible.Note:

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Kazi Hasanul Banna and Masuda Akter Lima are the designers of ‘Hasan Rangdhanu‘ and ‘Lima Basant‘ fonts respectively. The fonts can be found on the Lipighar and FontBD websites.

The module has been slightly thickened to keep the Hasan Rangdhanu font compatible with the Lima Basant. However, I have not changed the original font of the Lima Basant, and it is not possible for me without the designer.




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