Hey, What’s up everyone? Today I have brought you a great news. Yes, that’s right. We have published our PastFutur App which is completely free for everyone.

Pastfutur app
Pastfutur app

What is in PastFutur app?

Well, Now that’s right, what’s in our app? What are the benefits of the app. Many such questions are swirling in your mind.

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Ok, We’ve published the app so you don’t miss any posts. You do not have to remember the site link or bookmark it. You don’t have to go to the site every time to check if any new post has been published. When a new post is published, you will know it through notifications. Also get more through each important notice from notification. This will save your important time.

Moreover, we will come up with new features thought update. You do not need to use a separate browser to use our app. You can install and update the PastFutur app from the Play Store. You can bookmark your important posts in the app. You can read it again at any time. You can also easily put any post in offline mode. Which you can read without internet connection anytime anywhere. We have a plan, we will gradually add many new features to the app. Such as online tools, YouTube video downloader, Facebook video downloader, Insta downloader and many more.

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